Chain Letters Are Bad

Apologies to those who might know the below, but the only way to stop
these chain letters is to educate the recipients about them, so I have
included everyone who was sent this letter in my brief (and hopefully
useful) email.

For this specific chain letter, go to:

Enter in the text 'Bill 620P' ..

Notice the phrase 'hoax' in the web page titles .. and click on a few to
find out more information about this.

Summary: this is a hoax, a chain letter, illegal for those of you attending
         college to be forwarding, and an old one at that.

Most chain letters have information or key words that are easy to enter
into search engines such as google, and find the hoax quite easily, such
as the above.  Others may require digging for, and I do not ever recall
seeing one that is true.  Remember 'please forward' is a clue that should
set off bells and red lights and whistles that 'this may be a chain letter'.

Please keep this in mind when receiving and passing on email that has been
forwarded in the future.

Thank you for your time,

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