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  • Here is my Resumé, if you find something you like, I am available for consulting through my business, Free Daemon Consulting, LLC! I prefer telecommuting, but I will travel for short periods of time.
  • Look what we can do if we all work together!
  • One can never be too careful, so beware of DANGER!!!
  • Music can be many things to many people.
  • Technology advances exponentially. Exciting, eh?
  • Don't fall into the trap of chain letters. PLEASE!
  • A hobby never hurts, right?
  • Employment is useful.
  • There's a little Geek in all of us.
     GCS/MU   d s: a- C++++
       B+++++ P++ E--- W+++
       N+ o+++ K Y++ O(+++)
       PGP+ tv t+ D+ R- y+++
       5+(++) X- R- tv w---
       b+(++) D+ R- G+ h---
         e(++?) h--- r+++ 
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