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                               Todd T. Fries                             1417 Oxford Way
    (405)227-9094                                Oklahoma City, OK 73120-1619
         My ambition is to apply my experience to support free software 
         solutions (primarily UNIX and IPv6) through my business, Free
         Daemon Consulting, LLC.
         Through development for and experimentation with various free software
    projects on the Internet, OpenBSD and Linux in particular, I have developed
    a respect for and interest in UNIX, and spend a considerable amount of
    personal time working to further the development of free software.
      Router/Switch Experience
        AscendMAX (ISDN router), some Cisco router experience,
        CaymenDSL bridge+router, SpeedStream DSL bridge+router,
        limited Cisco switch exposure, Asante Friendlynet switch,
        DLink 802.11b Access Point
      Operating Systems (and knowledge of )
        strong knowledge of OpenBSD(2.x - 4.x).
        good knowledge of Linux(RedHat, Debian, SuSE) and AIX(4.{1, 3}.x).
        dated knowledge of Solaris(2.{4-6}) and OS/2.
        some knowledge of HP-UX, IRIX, Next Step, MacOS, and Novell
        UNIX - IPv6, firewalls, IPSEC (isakmpd), WCCP, routing, Sendmail, NFS,
        SSH, DNS, HTTP, administration, Samba, Majordomo, Inn, various other
        UNIX experience, OS/2, DOS, Macintosh (AppleTalk over Ethernet)
      Programming Languages
        C, Java, HTML, Perl, m4, make, C++, LATEX 2e, Pascal, Labview,
        BASIC (MicroSoft, AppleSoft), assembly (IBM 370, 6502)
      Database Experience
        Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    Work Experience
      01-2003 - current  Free Daemon Consulting
         UNIX/Network Consulting
         Supporting free software solutions using UNIX.
      04-2000 - 11- 2002 Monte R. Lee & Co. UNIX/Network Analyst
         Linux environment - Installed Linux as software driving ISP's in the
         midwest at 6 different locations - Setup and maintained an OpenBSD
         company server for SMTP, HTTP, DNS, firewall, NAT, DHCP, Samba, POP3,
         relay popauth for Sendmail
      10-1998 - 06- 2000 Illinois Central College
         instructor/part time faculty cs249 - Intro to UNIX (basic commands)
         cs251 - UNIX Administration (install and maintenance)
      11-1997 - 04- 2000 Bradford & Galt Consulting Services
         Caterpillar Inc. UNIX Administrator, AIX environment administered
         software rollouts for 1.5 years on 500-600 machines every 6-10 weeks;
         through shell scripting and the use of rsync and parallel rolls, time
         of implementation was cut from 4-5 days to 6 hours (used KSH) Perl and
         Java were used to a lesser degree created a graphical Java database
         access application to save time and not have to use manual SQL commands
      03-1997 - 10- 1997 Heuris
         Systems Administrator maintaining Linux and Solaris machines, dns,
         http, Perl scripts for web pages, reinstalling machines, nis, ssh,
         HylaFax, MS Access, UNIX based Samba services
      08-2000 - 12- 2001 University of Central Oklahoma
         9hrs of Management/English/History
      01-1998 - 12- 1998 Illinois Central Community College
         9hrs of Computer Science classes
      08-1993 - 05- 1996 University of Missouri at Rolla
         76hrs towards B.S. in Computer Science
    Professional Organizations
      1994 - Present ACM member,
    Internet Software Project Involvement
      OpenBSD developer,, a BSD operating system
      focusing on security, utilizes peer review
        - maintain various ports
        - coordinated compile of X for releases on 5+ platforms
        - maintain m4 MAKEDEV and distrib/notes
        - some misc coding
      XFree86 developer,, the graphical interface used
      by all unix platforms
        - work with Matthieu Herrb to fix issues regarding the multiple
          platforms on which OpenBSD compiles XFree86
      BOCHS developer,, pc simulator
        - coded several improvements to allow OpenBSD to boot
        - overhauled the (output/error) logging mechanism
      Linux contributor,
        - modularized the xd (old pre-ata disk controller) driver
      LAM mirror maintainer,, Multiple Passing
      Interface (MPI) implementation